The nest of corrugated iron planes
Eine Aufnahme des Innenlebens eines Junkers Flugzeugs
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Junkers Aircraft

Reconstructing a legend is one thing. Building it to perfection afterwards is another. Because we know the responsibility behind such a task, we have placed the manufacture of Junkers machines in the hands of the world’s best aircraft builders.
Junkers Aircraft relies on traditional manufacturing methods and uses archaeologically preserved relics and construction documents to completely recreate the structures of the aircraft. Particularly critical to the manufacturing process is the appropriate combination of fine mechanical handwork and intensive background knowledge.

Eine Aufnahme einer Frau die Aluminium formt
We are always amazed at the precision with which the Junkers people used to be able to work without laser measurement and CNC milling. Max Leidorf, Junkers Flugzeugwerke GmbH
Eine Aufnahme eines Mannes der Wellblech formt

Handwork for legends

Every handle fits here

At Junkers Aircraft in Oberndorf-Hochmössingen, Swabia, the new Junkers aircraft, the Junkers F13, the Junkers A50 Junior and the Junkers A60 Junior, are manufactured by hand in an elaborate process. And when we say elaborate, we mean it: each Junkers A13, for example, consists of around 4,000 individual parts, including 200 meters of aluminum tubing. Nine spar tubes alone are processed per wing, each consisting of three parts and tapered toward the end. In addition, there are 35,000 rivets that ensure a secure and durable hold – an unimaginable construction effort that is in the best hands at Junkers Aircraft.

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