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Eine Aufnahme von einem Mann der ein Junkers F13 Flugzeug aus dem Hangar schiebt
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A piece of aviation history …

Dieter Morszeck has been passionate about flying since he was a child. He is now a pilot himself and a successful businessman. And it is precisely these two facets that he has combined into a clear business concept: With the traditional Junkers company, he is rebuilding classics that are absolutely suitable for everyday use – without losing the charm of the old Junkers aircraft.

Get in, start the engine – and experience freedom.

Eine Aufnahme von einem Herren der im Cockpit eines Junkers F13 Flugzeuges sitzt
I want to inspire young people to get into flying. Dieter Morszeck
Eine Aufnahme von einem Pärchen an einem Junkers A50 Flugzeug

old garb, new technology

More retro does not go

Dieter Morszeck’s goal is clear: he wants to get vintage aircraft into the air that are accessible to ordinary pilots and suitable for everyday flying. This means that the engines Junkers uses are characterized by reliability and longevity. The landing gear is being redesigned so that the aircraft can land on paved runways and airports. And in the cockpit, modern instruments and radios are used that meet today’s safety standards.

The models that have rediscovered the sky show just how well this can be achieved. Both the Junkers F13 and the Junkers A50 Junior and Junkers A60 Junior will bring new people to flying and are already inspiring as design icons.

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