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    United freedom: Junkers A60 further develops seating position

    The Junkers A50 Junior enjoyed huge success among pilots and aircraft enthusiasts. Thanks to the visual charm of the 1930s, the aircraft was considered almost perfect in combination with its modern technology. Nevertheless, we wanted to dare the impossible and further optimize this living piece of aviation history. And we succeeded in doing the impossible.

    Anyone who has ever flown in a Junkers will have felt this unique sense of freedom. But there is one small fly in the ointment: the back-to-back seating position makes it difficult to share these intense emotional moments with anyone. With the Junkers A60, we stay true to the classic lines, but position both seats right next to each other. Regardless of whether a co-pilot or simply a fellow passenger takes a seat next to the pilot, you can now finally experience the unbridled joy of flying together without throwing the classic Junkers feeling overboard.

    In addition, we have come up with further technical refinements. The retractable landing gear and nose wheel optimize aerodynamic characteristics in the air for even better flight performance. To ensure that bad weather no longer spoils the experience, the Junkers A60 can also be flown either with the cabin closed or open, similar to a convertible.

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